Creamsicle Lyretail Molly Medium size

Creamsicle Lyretail Molly Medium size

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Sold unsexed only. We pick these up directly from the supplier as needed and they will not sex them for us. You should have a 50/50 mix of males and females. 

Species: Poecilia sp.

Size: Medium is approximately 1.5 inch, adult size should be around three inch.

Freshwater ph above 7.0 preferred

Food: Any good freshwater community flake.

Q: Shipping

 A: We ship via USPS Priority mail and FedEx Monday through Thursday. Priority Mail is $19.99 up to $149.99 Orders over $150.00 can be shipped for FREE via 1-3 day Priority Mail. Free shipping is not available for Hawaii or Alaska orders.

You can also select FedEx Priority Overnight for your order. FedEx is a Flat Rate based for your state. You can check the price to use FedEx from the FedEx rate chart at the top of the page.


Q: Shipping days

A: We ship Tuesday through Thursday with FedEx Overnight and Tuesday through Thursday with Priority Mail. We usually don’t ship on Monday’s because many of our suppliers do not allow pick ups on Monday because they have fish coming in that day. "Overnight shipping" refers only to the method by which the package carrier will deliver your fish. We generally ship the first shipping day after you place your order. If you need an order delivered on a specific day, send me a message and we will do our best to take care of you.

Q: How do you prepare my order for shipping? Will they live three days in the box?

A: Your fish will be professionally bagged with oxygen, an ammonia remover, and a mild sedative in a heavy duty, professional fish packing bag. We use a non-toxic, recycled packing material to cushion and prevent bags from moving around much in shipping and it also acts as an adsorbent in case a small amount of water leaks during shipping. When necessary, we add heat packs to your order to keep them warm if they are traveling through colder areas. The sedative we use may affect different fish in your order in different ways. Some fish may look and act normal as soon as they are put into your tank while others will be very sluggish and almost completely sedated. All fish should be back to their normal state by the next morning. Your fish can easily survive the three-day trip or even longer as long as the post office or FedEX keep them indoors during the trip and out of the cold or hot weather. One trick some of my customers use if no one can get them inside right away is to leave a cooler on the front porch with a inside dimension that will accommodate a 12x12x16 inch square box. . You can leave it near the front door with a message on top for the delivery driver to leave the fish inside.


We guarantee live arrival and good health on all fish we ship. We lose less than one percent of the fish we ship but problems do occasionally occur. If you have a problem, please photograph everything you think is relevant and notify us by e-mail immediately. It is our choice whether to replace or refund any live fish we have shipped to you. (In most cases, we replace any problem fish) We will fix any reasonable problem to everyone's satisfaction.

About myself

I have been breeding and dealing with aquarium fish on a wholesale level since 1990. I have worked for many the largest aquarium fish suppliers in the country doing everything from packing fish to general manager. I have personally hand collected fish in Central America for the aquarium fish hobby. I have owned my business for many years and raised a wide variety of fish in the last three decades. My current facility consists of two buildings and four greenhouses with 680 aquariums and over 200 vats. Total under cover is approximately14,500 square feet. Over the years I have handled millions of Aquarium fish, invertebrates, and amphibians and packed hundreds of thousands of bags. Aquarium fish are my life and my passion.

This is my Dream job; I would never want to do anything else. I hope when you open your box of fish you will be able to see my passion for the aquarium hobby.


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