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Blue Dolphin Moori Cyrtocara Malawi African cichlid Live Fish
Blue Dolphin Moori Cyrtocara Malawi African cichlid Live Fish
$ 9.99

Blue Dolphin Moori Cyrtocara Malawi African cichlid Live Fish

It's hard to beat the Blue on the Cyrtocara Moori. When you see one you'll understand why they are called the Blue dolphin in the aquarium world. Not as aggressive by African cichlid standards as most, but they can still hold their on in your tank.  Only the males develop that typical head hump as they mature.

If you buy a four fish colony, you will get one Guaranteed Male and we will do our best to get you three females. 

If you buy a guaranteed male, we fully guarantee it. In the unlikely event your guaranteed male turns out to be a female, we will replace it at our cost.



All fish will be professionally bagged with oxygen, an ammonia remover, and a mild sedative in a heavy duty, professional bag made specifically for shipping fish. We insulate with Styrofoam boxes and use heat packs when weather conditions require it. We do everything possible to ensure your fish arrive in good condition.




We guarantee live arrival and good health on all fish we ship. We lose less than one percent of the fish we ship but problems do occasionally occur. If you have a problem, please photograph document everything you think is relevant and notify us by e-mail immediately. We will fix any reasonable problem to everyone's satisfaction.


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I have been dealing with aquarium fish on a wholesale level since 1990. I have worked for many the largest aquarium fish suppliers in the country doing everything from packing fish to general manager. I have personally hand collected fish in Central America for the aquarium fish hobby. I have owned my business for many years and raised a wide variety of fish in the last three decades. My current facility consists of three buildings and two greenhouses with a mixture of hundreds of aquariums and several dozen vats. Total under cover is approximately 7,500 square feet. Over the years I have handled millions of Aquarium fish, invertebrates, and amphibians and packed hundreds of thousands of bags. Aquarium fish are my life and my passion. 
This is my Dream job; I would never want to do anything else. I hope when you open your box of fish you will be able to see my passion for the aquarium hobby.