Fish Food


      Our custom fish food formula is the result of over two years of research and development between myself, The Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association, and a major fish feed manufacturer. Our food is formulated from high quality animal, grain, and plant protein, fish oil, vitamins, calcium, and many of the essential nutrients not available in other formulas. Our food is a extruded pellet that provides complete nutrition in every pellet with a starch binder that will not cause bloat in sensitive species.

      We have fed the current formula in our Florida Facility for over a year. Our fish are noticeably more active, grow quicker, have improved color, and we have all but eliminated bloat in even the most sensitive species, including tropheus. We have fed it to new world and African cichlids, assorted livebearers, Discus, loaches, catfish, Danios, Tetras, Australian Rainbows, and virtually any fish that will eat a prepared food. Is this the best fish food out there? We can not answer that as We've not tried every fish food made. We can will tell you that this is the best food we have ever used in our facility and we can feel confident you will agree once you tried it. Try some today and see for yourself !